Recipe of Brown Gravy

Classically, a korma is defined as a dish where meat or vegetables are braised with yogurt, cream or stock added. The technique covers many different styles of korma. The flavour of a korma is based on a mixture of spices.


Oil100 gm
Whole garam masala 
Clove5 pc
Bay leaf1 pc
Black cardamom1 pc
Cinnamon stick1 pc
Mace1 pc
Green5 pc
Fried   onion paste250 gm
Ginger garlic paste10 gm
Coriander powder5 gm
Red chilli powder5 gm
Tomato puree150 gm
 Cashewnuts paste100 gm
Cream100 ml
Saltto taste
Garam masala5 gm


  1. Heat oil in a pan add whole garam masala and sauté over medium heat until it begins to crackle.
  2. add ginger garlic paste sauté for 1 min ‘
  3. Add red chilli, salt, and coriander powder and add tomato puree cook for 4-5 min.
  4. Then add fried onion paste, dry fruit paste, and 100 ml water.
  5. Bring to a boil and cook till oil comes to the surface.
  6. Add cream garam masala.


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